OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi
(2012-11-05, 05:24)Wanderlei Wrote: Nah my 512MB really sucks unfortunately but my 256MB is a total beast. It gets file corruption with any overclock, even overclocking the gpu by 1, it would corrupt first reboot consistently. I thought it was only gpu, but even with ram at stock and arm at 800, it will still happen occasionally, but often enough to be too annoying for a xbmc setup.

I had a 256MB that would regularly corrupt the SD card with any type of core overclock, but configuring it to use a root filesystem mounted from USB memory stick worked around that - maybe you could still overclock your 512MB just by mounting the root filesystem from a USB memory stick.

In OpenELEC, just modify your cmdline.txt to be:

boot=/dev/mmcblk0p1 disk=/dev/sda1 ssh quiet

and then insert a USB memory that contains a single ext4 partition.

(2012-11-05, 05:24)Wanderlei Wrote: To add to previous question about getting xbmc to read nfo/metadata etc Is that functionality locked off R-Pi xbmc because I notice early builds movie/tv tabs were greyed in the settings. I thought maybe it is tied to them tabs then building libraries. Sorry I am a new convert from WMC so my knowledge of xbmc is limited but I do really like it.

Those items become active once you have scraped the corresponding Movie/TV media. If you just browse your media folders in Videos -> Files then XBMC is not going to import your nfo/fanart/thumbnails automatically (though you may be able to request it manually imports a specific item) but it should display folder.jpg's if they are present.
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