TIME SENSITIVE: We need your help to fill out the Kodi PVR wiki page
I just read over the VDR installation instructions. Although a very good document, shouldn't the process of how to install/configure the backends be an issue better provided by each individual backend? I think that information about where the backend meets XBMC needs to have documentation; but detailed install/config instructions are just going to end up getting outdated as they aren't tied to the source project.

For instance - I use mythtv. The Mythtv wiki has pages and pages of documentation on how specific hardware and operating systems should be configured for that system. There is no way that the xbmc pvr page could possibly be as detailed for someone looking to setup mythtv - that is the "job" of that particular wiki. Trying to reproduce that will just get people in the xbmc forums asking questions as to why the process doesn't work (as it becomes outdated) or why their particular situation isn't in the wiki (ie, I use Fedora, where are those instructions?).

I just redid how I think the PVR page should be setup - keep in mind I deleted a lot of stuff here. Goals were as follows:

1. Provide history - not complete
2. Explain what backends are compatible, and how to find a guide to install them. Leave the rest up to the user. Things like specific tuner cards, operating systems, etc are covered in detail on each projects wiki page. No need to repeat them here.
3. Explain how to get the pvr addons, compile, and get them into xbmc - not even started. I don't have a good working knowledge of how the current process works. If someone could fill this in better I think it could be a good start to the PVR page.

I removed what looked to be lots of outdated information on getting PVR builds and compiling them. Anyone looking to compile from source can look to the main XBMC repo now - maybe a link to those instructions is necessary? Again, just my thoughts on this so I won't be offended if someone removes all my changes and starts from scratch.

p.s. I did not cross check the addon authors or forum links - just updated the install links to the correct pages.
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