TIME SENSITIVE: We need your help to fill out the XBMC PVR wiki page
(2012-10-02, 17:11)Ned Scott Wrote: Anyone want to fill out the settings page for PVR? Settings/PVR (wiki)

As you can see, this is similar to the other Settings (wiki) pages for XBMC. Even for obvious settings, this is a good place to explain anything special about various settings, in addition to what they actually do. If a specific setting needs more explanation than would normally "fit" in it's spot, feel free to add a "See also" link or whatever to a page/section on the PVR guide or a new page (or even a subpage of Settings/PVR (wiki) such as Settings/PVR/Tacos (wiki)). See the other Settings pages for examples of how we already do this.

Now, how does this work with us making a PVR guide and yet we have this separate PVR settings page? All settings, regardless if there is an associated guide or not, get documented as a sub page of Settings (wiki), but we can replicate the entire page, a sub section, or a specifically marked section, onto another page. We do this using a feature called Labeled Section Transclusion (LST).

For example, let's say you're writing a guide and you want to show all the settings for Settings/PVR#General (wiki) in the same page. To "paste" it into your page simply use this tag: {{#lsth:Settings/PVR|General}} (the "h" stands for "header"). Everything under the "General" header on the page "Settings/PVR" will be included where you placed that tag.

Let's say you don't want to include the entire section, but just want to include a specific setting. You can mark off sections using the tags <section begin="section label 1"/> and <section end=section label 1"/>. The reason for the odd formatting of these tags is to allow for over-lapping tags. Then anything marked in that section would be "pasted" by using this tag: {{#lst:Settings/PVR|section label 1}} (notice that we don't have "h" in the tag, because we're not using a "header" but just a tagged section).

By doing this we don't have to repeat the same text over and over, and the text is updated on all pages by editing it in one place.

You can also use the images by themselves, or make a new image and crop something specific by uploading a new image file (see the sidebar "toolbox" for the upload forum link).

Perfect! Thanks. This fits in the "Configuring XBMC" section very nicely. I'll try to fill in some of the settings later today on this page.

I also added a Pre-compiled Versions area where builds like Openelec can be listed. I only added Openelec and Raspbmc right now, I'm sure there are others that will include PVR addons.


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