New Setup: Backend (LiveTV, Timeshift) to Multiple Frontend & IPTV Devices.
Where to start.....?

Im new to this whole backend / frontend thing Tongue but I have setup networks and very much into satellite and have configured dreamboxes / VU+ boxes and even servers with oscam / cccam, etc... so not a complete newbie Big Grin

I will try and outline what I woud like to do and list hardware I plan on purchasing but would much appreciate some input from you more experienced users!

I am currently looking at a couple of Dell Poweredge servers either 2x dual core, 4gb ram etc.. or a slightly more expensive 2x quad core, 8gb ram etc..

In this I will put in either a dual or quad satellite pci card. ( will probably go for the higher spec server and a quad satellite card.)

MythTV or TVHeadend? (I have read that there are a couple of other backend software such as: VDR... but from reading it seems that MythTV or TVHeadend is the solution im after)
Which would you recommend?

I will be looking to utilise my exisiting sky card to decode premium channels so believe I will have to setup sasc-ng (oscam, cccam), I have a few smargo's laying around & I have setup oscam/cccam before so that part should not be too hard.

Each bedroom will have an Android TV box which is capable of running XBMC & IPTV and will be connected via Cat6 into the local network.

Live TV QUESTION: I would like for these to be able to timeshift / pause & record.. if possible... would these frontend's record onto there own storage or record onto the backend storage?)

VOD QUESTION: Is it possible to host media on the backend so that the frontends could select and play media?

Now I would also like to setup a system so I could stream multiple channels over the internet to an IPTV capable device, mainly my iPad / iPhone but would also like to install a IPTV box in my holiday home so I can watch BBC etc.. without the massive dish required Wink

Due to having limited upload speed, I would probably be looking to utilise one of those stream providers which re-stream what you stream to them.... something like if possible.

Hardware QUESTION: woud I need additional hardware for this type of IPTV setup? like an encoder? or can MythTV / TVHeadend take care of this?

If someone could help me answer the above questions and if the setup im looking to achieve is possible utilising MythTV TVHeadend

Thanks for your time!
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New Setup: Backend (LiveTV, Timeshift) to Multiple Frontend & IPTV Devices. - by contemptx - 2012-10-09, 22:35

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New Setup: Backend (LiveTV, Timeshift) to Multiple Frontend & IPTV Devices.00