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So, did this just for fun, and it worked.

I do watch with my wife a cooking show they air, but the plugin fetchs all the videos available on the website divided by each TV Show.

The channel features original brazilian tv shows mostly targeted for women, no subs available.

Also saw that other globosat channels has the same structure (multishow, futura, canal brasil, globo news, etc)
So, I'm posting this here to see if there's any interest from other (brazilian or not) users in such add-on.

Also saw older threads about, I guess it could be done in the future.

Anyhow, here it goes:

It's a very initial version, so any questions or problems, let me know.

I'm updating the first thread so it keeps easier for new users.

As of version, the plugin moved to repository.brazilian.xbmc-addons. Which will allow automatic updates for new versions.

The plugin is available for download now here:

For issues and code, visit the repository page at

Never have thought about this, but since some people asked, here goes a donation button.
If you are feeling thankful, and would like to buy me a beer, I will definitely appreciate it Smile

[Image: btn_donate_SM.gif]

There are a lot of items that are actually a playlist, and for some reason xbmc will skip the first item. So, make sure you are watching the right item... This should be fixed. Let me know if anyone is still seeing skipping behavior.

I'm also copying the changelog below:
PT: Suporte a Gotham por fernandovg
EN: Gotham support by fernandovg

PT: Fix para problemas de versão do player por rdtorres
EN: Fix for player version problem by rdtorres
PT: Correção da versão do player na url de hash (2.8.4)
EN: player version update during hash request (2.8.4)
PT: Correção da versão do player na url de hash
EN: player version update during hash request
PT: correção para quando id de sessão expirou
EN: fix for expired session id
PT: atualização da versão da api na url de hash
EN: api version update in hash url

PT: atualização código de hash
EN: hash code update

PT: Correção da lista de recursos de vídeo
EN: Video resource list fix

PT: Correção de bug
EN: statement fix

PT: Correção de UnicodeError para algumas mensagens de log.
EN: UnicodeError fix for some log messages.

PT: Correção para retro compatibilidade com Eden
EN: Backwards compatibility for Eden

PT: Alterado estrutura para swift2 e requests.
     - 'skipping unplayable item'
     - cabeçalho de cookie fixo para autorização
     - casos em que aparentemente nenhum video toca (filtragem de playlists)
EN: Major move to swift2 and requests. Bug-fixes.
         - 'skipping unplayable item' errors, which skipped every first item of playlists
         - authorization issues for exclusive content, which made the plugin stream only in low def
         - cases in which 'apparently no video worked' was probably due to unhandled m3u playlists being fetched, which was using relative paths to globo servers, these are filtered out now

PT: Possibilidade de assistir aos vídeos em alta-resolução quando disponível, e autenticação, permitindo a usuários assinantes assistir ao conteúdo exclusivo.
EN: Watch HD videos when available and authentication for paying users, allowing for subscribers only video streaming.

PT: Corrigido casos em que próxima página não retorna nenhum vídeo.
EN: Fixed when next page does not bring any results.

PT: Melhorado a regexp de busca de vídeos, corrigindo casos em que o mesmo id de seção seria buscado duas vezes.
EN: Improved video scraping regexp, correcting cases in which the same section id would be fetched twice.

PT: Alterado o nome do plugin de gnt para globotv, já que agora busca diretamente no website da globotv.
EN: Change plugin name from gnt to globotv, since it's now scrapping globotv website directly.

PT: Primeira versão para Eden, listagem básica dos programas disponíveis e seus episódios.
EN: First Version for Eden, basic listing of available shows and its episodes.
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