WIP Stereoscopic 3D support for half/full SBS, over/under, etc
(2014-01-05, 22:12)pavel.kuzub Wrote: Hello dennis,

I have the same intent, so as kapitan-iglu who has raised same question before (and received an answer):
Feature Request - Support for reading actual stereoscopic 3D mode of GUI for add-ons
What is the TV that you are writing addon for? I have Samsung TV and I have recently published by code at EventGhost forum: XBMC 3D Enabler Samsung TV. Now I am working towards having it as service addon, so that it is cross platform and self contained.

Dear Team XBMC,

So that we already have an ability to query StereoscopicMode via JsonRPC - we seems to are still missing a proper way to detect the event of the change itself. I am not a fan of polling as it will require a balance between polling overload and lag of reaction (certainly not immediate reaction here).

Feature Request: Can you please add JsonRPC Notification when StereoscopicsManager changes the stereoscopic mode?
This way a service addon could subscribe to xbmc Monitor onNotification and trigger the code when Stereoscopic mode change notification is made no matter if it was initiated by onPlay event, or manually by user in Settings menu.

Looking forward any other alternatives or suggestions. The key need is to trigger addon code immediately after "StereoscopicsManager: stereo mode changed to XXXXX". Thank you

As da-anda had stated, you should be able to query the Stereopic setting using JSONRPC.

For Example:
{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "Settings.GetSettingValue",  "params": { "setting": "videoscreen.stereoscopicmode" }, "id": 1}
This gives the setting from the video screen settings

According to settings, this is the following available modes.

static const struct StereoModeMap VideoModeToGuiModeMap[] =
  { "mono",                     RENDER_STEREO_MODE_OFF },
  { "left_right",               RENDER_STEREO_MODE_SPLIT_VERTICAL },
  { "right_left",               RENDER_STEREO_MODE_SPLIT_VERTICAL },
  { "top_bottom",               RENDER_STEREO_MODE_SPLIT_HORIZONTAL },
  { "bottom_top",               RENDER_STEREO_MODE_SPLIT_HORIZONTAL },
  { "checkerboard_rl",          RENDER_STEREO_MODE_OFF }, // unsupported
  { "checkerboard_lr",          RENDER_STEREO_MODE_OFF }, // unsupported
  { "row_interleaved_rl",       RENDER_STEREO_MODE_INTERLACED },
  { "row_interleaved_lr",       RENDER_STEREO_MODE_INTERLACED },
  { "col_interleaved_rl",       RENDER_STEREO_MODE_OFF }, // unsupported
  { "col_interleaved_lr",       RENDER_STEREO_MODE_OFF }, // unsupported
  { "anaglyph_cyan_red",        RENDER_STEREO_MODE_ANAGLYPH_RED_CYAN },
  { "anaglyph_green_magenta",   RENDER_STEREO_MODE_ANAGLYPH_GREEN_MAGENTA },
  { "block_lr",                 RENDER_STEREO_MODE_OFF }, // unsupported
  { "block_rl",                 RENDER_STEREO_MODE_OFF }, // unsupported

The setting provides an integer starting at 0 for mono.

I haven't tested this myself..
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