Amlogic TV Box with XBMC 1080P Playback
@Vissontech, I look forward to you releasing kernel source code including any mach-meson board support changes that you might have done. Just a reminder that the kernel is GPLv2 and you must release the source code and any changes for it. Your license with AMLogic permits this. I'm sure others would love to dump android and boot a pure Linux distro running XBMC.

I also look forward to your XBMC contributions in fixing issues with hardware decode playback. It's time for others to start providing support towards AMLogic platforms. You do plan on actually supporting XBMC now that you are using it to promote your device ?
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RE: Amlogic TV Box with XBMC 1080P Playback - by davilla - 2013-01-18, 06:59

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