[RELEASE] Movie Set Artwork Automator
This is my first XBMC addon, and first use of Python. So go easy!

Basically this script removes the hassle of right clicking Movie Sets and setting the folder/fanart artwork manually. I wrote it because there didn't seem to be anything else out there and it is a pain to do it manually for a large collection.

You have the option of letting the script search for common parent folders of movies within a set and use folder.jpg and fanart.jpg files, or you can specify a single artwork folder containing artwork for all your movie sets (containing <set name>-folder.jpg and <set name>-fanart.jpg).

Example using common folders (movies stored in a single set folder)
\Blu-ray\Alien Anthology\fanart.jpg
\Blu-ray\Alien Anthology\folder.jpg
\Blu-ray\Alien Anthology\Alien (1979) [BDRip] [1080p] [q18] [FLAC].mkv
\Blu-ray\Alien Anthology\Aliens (1986) [BDRip] [1080p] [q20] [FLAC].mkv

Example using common folders (movies stored in own folders under set folder)
\Blu-ray\Alien Anthology\fanart.jpg
\Blu-ray\Alien Anthology\folder.jpg
\Blu-ray\Alien Anthology\Alien\Alien (1979) [BDRip] [1080p] [q18] [FLAC].mkv
\Blu-ray\Alien Anthology\Aliens\Aliens (1986) [BDRip] [1080p] [q20] [FLAC].mkv

Example using single artwork folder
\Blu-ray\Alien\Alien (1979) [BDRip] [1080p] [q18] [FLAC].mkv
\Blu-ray\Aliens\Aliens (1986) [BDRip] [1080p] [q20] [FLAC].mkv
\Blu-ray\Artwork\Alien Anthology-fanart.jpg
\Blu-ray\Artwork\Alien Anthology-folder.jpg

Thanks go to Frost (passion-xbmc.org) for the great Movie Sets plugin from which I have re-used the video database HTTP code for the Eden version. For Frodo, I was forced to change the way the addon works so that it goes direct to the database (and therefore web server is not required).

Note: This is not a scraper, it just uses existing artwork that, if like me, you have painstakingly downloaded, processed and organised with your media.

Direct Download:
Eden: Version 0.1.0
Frodo/Gotham: Version 0.2.2


- Changed Gotham and later versions to use JSON API over direct database access
- Removed Python version dependency so addon works in latest Gotham
- Fixed support for MySQL with default database name
- Added support for Gotham
- Added support for separate thumb/poster artwork
- Added support for banner.jpg, logo and clearart artwork
- Added setting to force database updates, to help with invalid texture caching
- Added French translation
- Fixed mangled network artwork filenames on Windows
- Added support for non-default database names (mysql and sqlite3)
- Added support for configuring multiple artwork filenames (comma separated)
- Added option to use the set name as a prefix for artwork files in common folder mode
- Added Dutch language file
- Fix for unicode characters in single artwork folder filenames
- Added support for movie sets where no artwork is currently assigned
- Added support for movies in a set stored under a single folder name but across multiple paths (request)
- Fix for using a remote artwork folder over SMB
- Only update database if value changed, reports better stats
- Added support for all movies in a set within the same folder
- Added support for MySQL
- Added setting for subfolder search of artwork folder
- Add lenient filename comparisons when looking for files in artwork folder
- Changed database code to update only existing artwork types
- Added settings for filenames used for artwork (eg folder.jpg vs poster.jpg)
- Initial version
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