DSPlayer (DirectShow Player for XBMC) Frodo build available
(2014-03-20, 01:42)aracnoz Wrote: libsubs.dll e xyvsfilter.dll work togheter now Big Grin


i made this in a clean way, let me explain how work

this is my filtersconfig.xml

<!-- Subs filters -->
    <filter name="xyvsfilter" type="subs">
      <osdname>XyVSFilter Auto</osdname>

and this is the mediasconfig.xml

<rule filetypes="mkv|avi|mp4">
    <source filter="avsource" />
    <splitter filter="avsplitter" />
    <video filter="lavvideodec" />
    <audio filter="ffdaudiodec" />    
    <subs filter="xyvsfilter" />
      <extra filter="ffdshowraw" />

when you start a mediafile if there is "<subs filter="xyvsfilter" />" in the mediasconfig.xml xbmc unload libsubs.dll and work only with the external filter
obviously if you don't put "<subs filter="xyvsfilter" />" in the mediasconfig .xml xbmc work as usuals with libsubs.dll

during playback pressing 'L' (Next Subtitle) XBMC show de dialog selector in each cases(external filter or libsubs.dll), to choose the favorite subtitle stream

Tested it. Have few problems.Not sure I can explain clearly since it's a bit complicated.

If there are multiple internal subtitles streams, you need to use AVsplitter with unchecked single output pin option to have all streams selectable. But with that if there are multiple audio streams, all audio stream got decoded (all language stream output at the same time.)

With LAVSplitter , you can't select any subtitle stream except default one. But it can be toggle on/off.

PGS Subtitles is not showing. But it probably down to xy-vsfilter limitation.

It definitely works great with those Anime with complex typesettings ASS. But with movies with multiple audio streams & multiple subtitles stream I still can't find acceptable solution..

If you can fix selectable audio stream to be working. It'd be fine. Not sure why DSPlayer decoded all audio streams in this case.

Would tinkering with settings more later.

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