High CPU only when on Movies or TV item of home menu
I know there are tons of "Why is CPU usage high?" questions. I've read them all and found that my high usage was only in this specific scenario.

When XBMC is on the Home screen if I select either Movies or TV (not entering those sub menus, just highlighting while remaining on the Home screen) my CPU usage pegs at 100% (monitoring via top over ssh). By 100% I mean xbmc.bin takes up whatever processor power is left and the system load reported by top then averages ~1.2 to ~1.5. This seems to last indefinitely. The longest I had it sitting on one of these menus was ~48 hours and every time I checked the CPU was pegged.

Selecting any other menu item on the Home screen immediately results in CPU usage of ~10-20% (indefinitely).

My suspicion is that it has to do with the "Recently Added" listings for each of these menus, however there is no similar CPU usage for Music which also has a "Recently Added" listing.

I would suspect video file thumbnails, but only TV has actual file thumbnails. Movies has DVD cover art thumbnails (and Music has album cover art thumbnails).

I'm using RaspBMC 1.0 Final and the default Confluence skin.

It's not a big deal, but I have some other processes running on the system that I would prefer to not be CPU-starved for no reason without having to remember to adjust the UI selection before turning off my TV.

It seems like a legitimate bug.

Any thoughts?

(It'd also be great to have a idle setting that just stops the rendering loop altogether, no need to burn cycles rendering when I have my TV off.)

I'm new to posting on the forums, but I've been using XBMC since the original Xbox days and I've been using Linux exclusively for over 8 years (starting with Gentoo), and I work as a professional software developer, so I'm more than happy to poke around if anyone has ideas on what to look for.

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High CPU only when on Movies or TV item of home menu - by Amitola85 - 2013-02-15, 19:54

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High CPU only when on Movies or TV item of home menu0
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