HOW-TO:Share libraries using MySQL: Wiki Edition
I suppose this is a good place to include my noob comments to this wiki page

It appears the options and walkthrough were current and worked fine for pre-5 releases of MySQL. At the best, I can only find a 5.0 release, but I can't find anything prior. Without *thinking* I went ahead with the obvious release 5.6

First Issue
  • Line 2 of this installation for Windows guide which indicates we should choose "Standard Configuration"
  • Here is what the *actual* options are
  • Of note, I first used "developer machine" to minimize memory usage. This makes a "resume from sleep" on OpenELEC lock up for 1-2 minutes. Not 10-30 seconds, literally over a minute
  • Re-doing the install and selecting "server machine" brings life back to ordinary for "resume from sleep" on the OE box. My typical memory usage is at about 4GB on the server, but other things are in use and I've yet to check how much mysql specifically uses

Second Issue
  • The advanced settings xml from that link doesn't ever build a music library in MySQL 5.6 as I'm aware
  • This could be a problem that exists only for me
  • According to this thread there is a problem unrelated to the MySQL version, but it seems others using pre-5 releases never had issue
  • The same member offered me advice to fix the issue here and I sadly haven't attempted to use it at this point. Another member indicated directly below that the script fixed the issue for them, but it's still on my to-do list

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