HOW-TO:Share libraries using MySQL: Wiki Edition
(2017-05-24, 22:30)runningnaked Wrote: Assuming you're using Windows for the HTPC's. Also assuming you currently have the 2 HDDs in each HTPC assigned the same drive letters on each HTPC (for example, HDD1 is L: and HDD2 is M: on both).

That will work, with caveats.

Also pay attention to these points.

I am running windows on both. The drives are mapped the same in both pcs. They are WD green drives, but i will check compatibility, thankyou.

What im planning is a litle different to what you suggest though. I will end up with a laptop in bedroom with no local drives, which will have 3 hdds in the nas as sources. In the lounge room i will have a htpc with 2 local drives, with only 1 on the nas as a source.

Will running a centralised mysql on the nas still work, being both players will be marking things in the library as watched, that are in different source locations? (local on one, nas on the other).

I guess i could watch everything from the nas for both rooms, and keep the locals as the backups of whats in the nas. Would rather not though.

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