HOW-TO:Share libraries using MySQL: Wiki Edition
I am moving and with the new place I will finally have multiple devices running Kodi. I have been using MySQL for about 5 years now, but only with one Windows HTPC utilizing that db. The purpose was to setup an auto update of the library and not have to update on startup on my HTPC that I actually use to watch content. 

It has been great and does everything I want, but now that I have added a Nvidia Shield to the mix I have hit a big problem that I am not sure how to solve. When I originally setup MySQL and my Kodi sources I setup shared drives to my Unraid servers. So everything in Kodi and MySQL all point to drives Z: and Y:.  The Nvidia Shield has no clue what Z and Y are or how to reach them and I assume there is no way to actually map drives to letters on that OS. It's been years since I set this up originally and never thought forward enough to realize what I was doing to limit the DBs usefulness. So here I am asking if there is anyway to undo this silly mistake I made 5 or so years ago.

So, I copy over all the .xml files and other things mentioned in the Wiki, and the Shields install of Kodi fires up with all my content and everything looks great until I attempt to play something. It then pops up that the content is no longer in my library do I want to remove it? Is this simply my sources.xml file, or are all the paths to each piece of media I have on my servers in the MySQL database?  Is there a way to fix this? I have assumed the sources.xml files need to match on each instance of Kodi, but I could be way off and by editing this for the Shield, will it then find the media and the info from the db and play it back properly?  Thanks to any help you can provide, at work so I can't upload any logs ATM.

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