[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
(2013-11-07, 18:50)MilhouseVH Wrote: Why did you blank out the filenames in your image of the database rows, that might have been useful in determining what is going on as it looks like one discart has a forward slash, the other a backward slash. If you want to send me your Video and Texture databases I can try taking one last look at resolving any remaining issues with mangled filenames, as I suspect that is your problem.

Edit: I've just noticed you also have two each of clearart and logo images, one with a forward slash the other with a backslash, chances are XBMC is still using the "old" clearart/logo images. I can only imagine you've used an addon that has knackered your urls in a similar way to Movie Set Artwork Automator (now fixed) - maybe contact the addon maintainer about that. Send me your databases and I'll see if I can work around it (though thought I had last time, will be interesting to see what is in your MyVideo db).

Edit2: It's a problem with your sets, right? Try running the following:
python "c:\folder\texturecache.py" C sets "007" @logfile=c:\tc.log @logfile.verbose=yes
and then upload the tc.log somewhere.

Hey, thanks for the response. All my images are displaying fine, I'll stop to worry about it for now. Anyway, I still have a bad experience with XBMC. What I do every time I add a new movie to my library:

1) Scan for updates;
2) Run Artwork Downloader in auto mode;
3) I have no limit set in AD options, then is very common it downloading some German (always that nazi hijacking my htpc lol) images, specially disc art, logo and clear art;
4) Then I open the top menu to run AD GUI mode (Ace skin), picking each English image to replace the German one. All downloaded fine, I confirm in debug.log and physical location. But in XBMC screen it still using the damn old German images!! grrr, even restarting XBMC several times doesn't fix it.
5) ok calm down, now using your amazing script I'm fixing each item after to hit step 4. (texturecache.py C movies "partial name"), done everything is cool now.

I'm happy? no, not yet. I really need to use your script every time to get new image in cache really? I want to understand, this is a XBMC fault or should I blame the AD author? btw, this last one I already reported the issue, but he was very rude (just a bit impatience guy) and basically ignored.

Not sure if still necessary, but I sent my db's files to you. Check PM.

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