[RELEASE] Texture Cache Maintenance utility
What the absolute HECK... I'm so confused... as I recorded the video, the situation has completely changed, for seemingly no reason at all. Now information is being fetched after running the script... posters are being downloaded, plot is being scrapped, even the title of the movies are being adapted according to some scraper.. but I'm still using the local .nfo scraper HuhHuh I even tried with the Stupid scraper and still the same thing occured, things were scraped as if I had TMDB selected Huh ... so to make this clear: I erased my video library, used .nfo / stupid scraper (did it twice, once with each) to add it again, they get added with no plot (the .nfo doesn't have them), the poster.jpg inside their respective folders, and they have their "real" titles (À ma sœur!) - then I run the script, and the movies get their poster fetched from TMDB, get plot, and the title adapted in english (Fat Girl). Is the script fetching all this stuff? Why now? I don't understand anything aaaaaaaaaaah

Microsoft Windows [Version 6.2.9200]
(c) 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

C:\Windows\system32>cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi (Video)\portable_data\userdat

C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi (Video)\portable_data\userdata>texturecache.py qax m
ovies @qaperiod=-1 @qa.nfo.refresh=30
Movie    [24 Hour Party People                              ]: FAIL (modified nf
Movie    [31 de Abril-HD                                    ]: FAIL (missing mpa
a; missing plot; missing poster, local is available), WARN (missing nfo)
Movie    [71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance            ]: FAIL (modified nf
Movie    [199 Tips to Be Happy                              ]: FAIL (missing mpa
a; modified nfo)
Movie    [Accattone                                         ]: FAIL (modified nf
Movie    [Aguirre: The Wrath of God                         ]: FAIL (modified nf
Movie    [Amargosa                                          ]: FAIL (modified nf
o), WARN (missing fanart, local not found)
Movie    [Amour                                             ]: FAIL (modified nf
Movie    [Antichrist                                        ]: FAIL (modified nf
Movie    [Atras De La Ventana-SD                            ]: FAIL (missing mpa
a; missing plot; missing poster, local is available), WARN (missing fanart, loca
l not found; missing nfo)
Movie    [Before Sunrise                                    ]: FAIL (modified nf
Movie    [Benny's Video                                     ]: FAIL (missing mpa
a; modified nfo)
Movie    [Bodysong                                          ]: FAIL (modified nf
o), WARN (missing fanart, local not found)
Movie    [Fat Girl                                          ]: FAIL (modified nf
Movie    [Mouchette                                         ]: FAIL (modified nf
Movie    [Teorema                                           ]: FAIL (modified nf
Movie    [The Collection                                    ]: FAIL (modified nf
Movie    [The Official Story                                ]: FAIL (modified nf
Rescanning directory: M:\Media\Video\Movies\199 Recetas para ser feliz...
Updating library: New movieid      72 [199 Tips to Be Happy]
Rescanning directory: M:\Media\Video\Movies\24 Hour Party People...
Updating library: New movieid      73 [24 Hour Party People]
Rescanning directory: M:\Media\Video\Movies\31 de Abril...
Updating library: New movieid      74 [31 de Abril-HD]
Rescanning directory: M:\Media\Video\Movies\71 Fragmente einer Chronologie des Z
Updating library: New movieid      75 [71 Fragments of a Chronology of Chance]
Rescanning directory: M:\Media\Video\Movies\A Collection...
Updating library: New movieid      76 [The Collection]
Rescanning directory: M:\Media\Video\Movies\Accattone...
Updating library: New movieid      77 [Accattone]
Rescanning directory: M:\Media\Video\Movies\Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes...
Updating library: New movieid      78 [Aguirre: The Wrath of God]
Rescanning directory: M:\Media\Video\Movies\Amargos...
Updating library: New movieid      79 [Amargosa]
Rescanning directory: M:\Media\Video\Movies\Amour...
Updating library: New movieid      80 [Amour]
Rescanning directory: M:\Media\Video\Movies\Antichrist...
Updating library: New movieid      81 [Antichrist]
Rescanning directory: M:\Media\Video\Movies\Atras de la Ventana...
Updating library: New movieid      82 [Atras De La Ventana-SD]
Rescanning directory: M:\Media\Video\Movies\Before Sunrise...
Updating library: New movieid      83 [Before Sunrise]
Rescanning directory: M:\Media\Video\Movies\Benny's Video...
Updating library: New movieid      84 [Benny's Video]
Rescanning directory: M:\Media\Video\Movies\Bodysong...
Updating library: New movieid      85 [Bodysong]
Rescanning directory: M:\Media\Video\Movies\La Historia Oficial...
Updating library: New movieid      86 [The Official Story]
Rescanning directory: M:\Media\Video\Movies\Mouchette...
Updating library: New movieid      87 [Mouchette]
Rescanning directory: M:\Media\Video\Movies\Teorema...
Updating library: New movieid      88 [Teorema]
Rescanning directory: M:\Media\Video\Movies\À ma sœur!...
Updating library: New movieid      89 [Fat Girl]

C:\Program Files (x86)\Kodi (Video)\portable_data\userdata>

edit: I think I know that's happening... its a guess, at least. Remember how I did switch to TMDB for the test I did some posts above? I think Kodi has all these plot, localized titles, fanart, and posters information from TMDB scraper, still stored on its cache - and it's getting triggered and taking over when the script runs. Any way to completely delete Kodi's cache and see if it's that? I'm out of my league here, but another guess is that before I did this, and the cache didn't have TMDB info, the cache had nothing so it'd create the thumbnails... so to illustrate what I mean


kodi's cache is empty > running the script appeals to the cache > all this non-info from the cache gets pasted into the movies > movies with poster now have no poster because the poster cache was empty, and kodi's behaviour is to make a thumbnail when there's no poster


kodi's cache is filled with tmdb info > running the script appeals to the cache > all this info gets pasted into the movies > all movies have tmdb info
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