$200 xbmc front-end for "Group 6" use-case?
So I started reading about Netflix and noticed the HUGE thread about them crippling their API. As, a result, I am starting to rethink the capabilities of my build. I already have a Netflix streamer (WDTV) and the thought process about incorporating Netflix into XBMC build was mainly to attempt universal harmony (aka- make the wife & kids happy) by placing everything in the same interface. That dream appears DOA.

So now I have a choice to make....

Option A: Go with a Win8 & i3-3225 for Netflix OS playback (more $$ and users still have to toggle out of xbmc)
Option B: Continue to use my WDTV for Netflix & scale back the HTPC dramatically

I would still want to bitstream to my receiver, but that is mainly a function of the graphics board associated with the HDMI port, right? Not so much a processor load thing?

So if Netflix is out as a requirement, how low can I go?

Would the $200 unit in the original be back on the table? Is even that overkill now?

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RE: $200 xbmc front-end for "Group 6" use-case? - by jgreer - 2013-04-15, 23:30

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$200 xbmc front-end for "Group 6" use-case?0
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