[Release] MMA UFC event Scraper sherdog+themoviedb
This scraper is for MMA Events.

URL: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?xm2x2zayqpce7wq
MD5: c9e822ae6884948086861866b60bd49d

It gets event details from sherdog.com and then will attempt to load the poster and fanart from themoviedb.org (using the title and year from sherdog).
The values it sets:
Title: Event title (from sherdog)
Year: Event year (from sherdog)
Studio: Name of promotion (from sherdog)
Genre: "MMA Event" (hardcoded) / Name of promotion (from sherdog)
Cast: List of fighters (from sherdog)
Plot: Promotion name, date of event, and list of match ups (all from sherdog)
Thumb: from themoviedb.org
Fanart: from themoviedb.org


It uses the filenames to search sherdog. So naming your files like this will work:
Bellator 95.mp4
Strikeforce Marquardt vs Saffiedine.mp4
Strikeforce Marquardt vs Saffiedine-prelims.mp4
UFC-138 facebook.avi
UFC FOX 4.avi
UFC LIVE 5.mp4
Some Notes on filenames:
> All '-' and '_' characters are converted to a space for searching, so effectively the same as space
> "prelims" or "facebook" are stripped from the search, but are then added back into the final title. So the three UFC 138 files will be added as three titles:
UFC 138 - Leben vs. Munoz
UFC 138 - Leben vs. Munoz (Prelims)
UFC 138 - Leben vs. Munoz (Facebook)

If you want the facebook, prelims, and main event all as one movie in XBMC, the usual works. Put them all in a single folder with the event name (e.g. "UFC -138") and check the generic "Movies are in Seperate folders..." option.

This is my first ever crack at an XBMC scanner/plugin and done over two days, so its still a but basic, and probably inefficent. But its a start.
Known issues:
- No use of caching anywhere
- If the themoviedb.org search matches on incorrect movie/event there is no way to fix the images other than manually.
- No settings. Language for images is blank, and fan art is always loaded
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