New G-Box Midnight MX2 Fully User Friendly Auto Update
I read here that gbox invented m3 on linux... Interesting, before Pivos pushed out Pivos/Linux for the M1, no one ran Linux on an AMLogic M1 or M3. Please stop telling such fabricated stories Smile Look at the dates at github for the 1st commits and then come back and apologize for making such silly claims.

I authored the XBMC internal AMLPlayer, and I also authored the XBMC AMLCodec. From what I see, I'm also the only person that understand the AML hardware codecs enough to fix issues and improve the code base. Without AMLPlayer/AMLCodec, XBMC would never be capable of hardware video decode without the use of an external player. Period, end of discussion.

And through me, this code (and much, much more) was pushed public via Pivos. Again, check the dates at github if you disbelieve me. GBox had nothing to do but copy the source code and use it, same for others. But guess what, Pivos expected that and is perfectly ok with it. Pivos understands what it means for a commercial company to support and use GPL software. That is the whole purpose of OpenSource. To foster open interchange and improvement of the source code, ie XBMC. J1nx gets it, they have actually improved some things regarding Pivos/Linux that Pivos has brought into its source trees. GBox still does not get it, maybe they will, maybe they will not, only time will tell.

What I will not permit and as primary author of the AMLPlayer/AMLCodec source code, I have a very big hammer, is others using this source code and ignoring their GPL license requirements. GBox did this very thing with their MX2, and I 'corrected' their rude behavior. It's plain and simple, use XBMC on AMLogic platform and ignore your GPL license requirements and I'll get in your face about it. I'll start nice and polite but will not tolerate stalling games or delay tactics. If you try this, it will get ugly fast. This is not Pivos doing it but me, the author of large chunks of AML specific source code that runs under XBMC. The choice is simple, you don't like GPL license requirements, don't use the source code.

EDIT: I'm actually quite surprised that I have to continue to defend my actions with Gbox, XBMC is GPLv2 OpenSource, that means if you use it, you are bound by the GPLv2 license and its requirements, there are no exceptions to this. This is the XBMC forums, without the work that many, many people have done over years and years, under the GPLv2 license, XBMC would not exist, at all. As a commercial company, GBox is required to make sure they operate within the bounds of their licenses, pushing out a new hardware platform is no excuse for the missing GPL license requirements. Part of pushing out a new hardware platform is to make sure that your licensing is up to date and proper. GPL is real legally binding license and not fictitious license. What makes GBox so special that they get to be treated different than any other commercial company using XBMC ?

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