Release WatchedList - service to automatically save/restore watched state
(2018-08-08, 20:26)z3rodivide Wrote: Hi Smile
I read the wiki, the first post an some other replies, still I can’t understand if this addon could be of any help to me (sorry, my bad Sad )
I’ m using three kodi clients, sharing the same library through MySQL on NAS, I’d like to have separated watched status for each client.
I mean every client connects to the same library, if I add a movie on client A, the other two clients will have the same movie too, but if I watch a movie on client A, I’d like to let it unwatched on the other two clients.
At the moment I’m not using kodi profiles, because I don’t want a separated library on each client.

Could this addon help me to archieve the desidered result ?

Thanks a lot Smile
You can't have independent watched statuses with a shared database, that goes against the entire point of having a shared database, so no - this addon won't help you as it's not possible.

If you want each client to have their own watched status then each client must have it's own database. You could achieve this via profiles (and even continue using MySQL, but with three different MySQL databases one per client) but that's just crazy, unnecessarily complex, and profiles cause all sorts of other issues. Or you stop using a centralised/shared MySQL database and go back to per-client SQLite databases (ie. the Kodi default) so that each client is independent of the others (sharing nothing).

The downside of a per-client database, of course, is that whenever you want to add a new movie, episode or song you will need to scan it separately into each client.
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