Solved -  Streacom IR & Remote - Easy custom setup that works with XBMC
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The streacom ir and remote has been a pain in the ass for a long time, causing people alot of headache.

But now streacom have come to their senses and released a remapping firmware, which is really awsome since it makes it easy to program the firmware, but also to run commands etc. There is no hex edit, just select the button and program the command. You can also have several setups you can switch between, so you can program up to 10 diffrent setups for the remote and switch between them with a key (unfortunatly you have no idea on which remote you are at the moment, so programming 10 diffrent might be somewhat frustrating). I have not tried out the run commands but it should let you execute custom commands without relying on third party software.

I wont provide you with a mapping solution, keyboardmap.xml should work fine to find out the commands, otherwise there are some threads in the forum. But here are some tips:
The info button shoudl be ctrl+D
For the right,left,up,down command you have to enter the mce selection.
Here you can find a more extensive guide for mapping (Option B):

Guide to programming:
Download program at:
IRRC - Remote Remapping Software.

Step 0: unpack program and run it as administrator.
Step 1: Save firmware to a local drive in case you screw up. (bottom right corner)
Step 2: clear firmware (might not be needed but it gets rid of all the crap they initially put in the firmware, MOUSE?!?!)
Step 3: Map it as you please!
Step 4: You do not need to flash the mappings they are edited in realtime, so once you mapped a key it is programmed into the firmware.
Step 5: Enable remote sends keybord commands under settings/system/input devices.

I think this is the exact same reciver that came built into alot of the zotac boxes, streacom also sells under the name wesna. I don't know for sure that they are exactly the same though so use at your own risk with those devices.


P.S. Looks like this piece of crap remote and reciver just turned out to be a good buy =).
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