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(2014-05-02, 15:04)Kwart1001 Wrote:
(2014-04-28, 01:41)Kwart1001 Wrote: All went well after playing some more bd.iso's. You made a very nice program Nod
Thanks for everything.
One minor problem is back. The covers (the ones who are changing each few seconds) at the top of the tvshow tab isn't showing the last played covers anymore.
The debug is giving the right info that the last played tv episodes are scanned by the movielib addon.

If I click on the last played tab under the empty black cover, all episodes beneath are listed correctly, so they went in.

Last played movies are everywhere oké.

You have right. "Last played" on top panel shows cover tvshow if it have "watched status". It is a bug becouse TVshow gets "wached status" when all episodes is watched.

(2014-05-02, 15:15)Kwart1001 Wrote: BTW. I haven't yet installed the watchdog addon. Would installing this addon give any problems for my movielib setup? My complete working setup is now:
-Multiple instances of xbmc.
-Mysql and xbmc on my main server with an advancedsettings.xml. Also an advancedsettings.xml on each of the other xbmc instances. All is nicely in sync.
-Movielib on my main server.

It should work without a problem.

(2014-05-03, 23:13)_Andy_ Wrote: Hello

I did a fresh install of the plugin and your script. Now i'm not able to sync. I always get the mysql error ERROR: MySQL - Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'hide' at row 1

The insert statement from the log shows INSERT INTO `movies` (`id`,`title`,`plot`,`rating`,`year`,`trailer`,`runtime`,`genre`,`director`,`originaltitle`,`country`,`cast`,`sets`,`v_codec`,`v_aspect`,`v_width`,`v_height`,`v_duration`,`a_codec`,`a_chan`,`play_count`,`last_played`,`date_added`,`hide`) VALUES ("134","Der Frühstücksclub","Fünf Schüler müssen wegen verschiedener Delikte am Wochenende nachsitzen. Keiner weiß vom anderen was er verbrochen hat, sie haben nichts gemeinsam und treffen das erste Mal zusammen: John, der Rebell (Judd Nelson); Claire, die Schöne (Molly Ringwald); Andy, der Athlet (Emilio Estevez); Allison, die Ausgeflippte (Ally Sheedy) und der Streber Brian (Anthony Michael Hall). Doch aus gegenseitiger Ablehnung wächst eine ungeahnte Gemeinschaft, die sie gegen alle Regeln verstoßen lässt. Es wird ein Tag, den sie nie vergessen werden...","8.3","1985","","97","Comedy / Drama","John Hughes","The Breakfast Club","United States of America","Judd Nelson / Molly Ringwald / Emilio Estevez / Anthony Michael Hall / Paul Gleason / Ally Sheedy","","h264","1.84615004063","1920","1040","97","dca","2","0","","2011-05-28 18:00:22","")

The field hide is void in your insert statement. I assume i need to be filled.

I redefined the field hide to a varchar(1) and null and the sync is now working. Please can you check why i get this error?

I addition i found the error ERROR: XFILE::CFile:Big Grinelete - Error deleting file C:/Program Files (x86)/XBMC13/portable_data/userdata/addon_data/script.movielib/temp_f after every query.

Found another error ERROR: MySQL - Data too long for column 'cast' at row 1

Any hints?

Thanks for bug report. The field "hide" must have default value 0. It is bug. I fix it on next version.
Fanarts are created correctly?

(2014-05-04, 01:52)_Andy_ Wrote: After syncing i checked the database and found 20 movies are not in the movielib database. I looked in the log and found still some mysql errors.
The field v_aspect,a_codec could not be filled because of a data mismatch.

I redefined the fields to varchar and null and now i have all my movies in the database. I lost some information because the field is now void but i have the main information.

I have no clue why i have such sync errors. Maybe my database is crap :-)

If you need more information please feel free to ask.

Fix it on new version.
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