[OLD/CLOSED] PseudoTV Live - Set-Top box solution
(2013-11-13, 15:47)Lunatixz Wrote: [quote='EZ1976' pid='1549525' dateline='1384336957']
Hi everyone.
i would like to suggest a feature.

to get everything nice and fresh i am deleting each night the cache folder and have a windows machine open up remotly (via putty) the PTVL so it will generate the channels.

can it be added to the settings so i can schedule a channel refresh/rebuild in the background for lets say 4 am so i wont have to wait for it once opened.?
even as a schedule task to run in the background .

Quote:Deleting the cache folder is not required...
only suggested while using my master; since things are constantly changing sometimes things break...
Otherwise Pseudo already handles cache maintenance... So don't make it a habit to delete it, its required and important that you leave it alone...

i just read your comment and at the same time teh querying database popped and starting refreshing Smile
can i schedule the refresh for midnight?
do i still leave the update frequency to daily?

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