Album and Artist Art problems
Hi all

I've used XBMC for a while now, but never got to grips with displaying artwork properly. (It's Frodo 12.2 on Windows 64 bit if that makes a difference)

All my mp3s are tagged well (using MP3Tag) and the Album Art is embedded in each file at approx 600x600.

My music is stored on a NAS, which XBMC connects to as a UPnP server (if I just connect as a File Storage system, I get occasional breaks in the music, whereas UPnP is uninterrupted).

I don't run XBMC in "Library Mode", as for some reason, the music never plays when it's set to that. (I press Play and nothing happens. If I then try to play another track I get an error message). No bother, that's not the problem I'm trying to solve, as running in non-Library mode is fine for me.

Default Services for Album and Artist info in XBMC settings are "Universal Album Scraper" and "Universal Artist Scraper".

However, I never see any Artist artwork when I bring up the list of Album/Artists. When I click on an Artist to open up the List of Albums, some of them will show an Album cover, but at really horrible low resolution, and some won't, even though I know a medium-high res picture is embedded in all the files.

When I go into an album to see tracks, the cover IS displayed (even if it wasn't when I was looking at the "album" one level up) but again at an awful resolution.

I've tried following various "guides" for artwork on XBMC but haven't managed to get it to work. Is there a simple way to get XBMC to display decent quality Artist/Album art consistently?

I have a cheap Android Music player on my phone which displays all the embedded album art perfectly, and automatically loaded Artist Art for all but the MOST obscure artists in my collection, so I know it's possible. I really hope XBMC is able to do the same.

Any help appreciated.

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