Can iremove stuff from the menu?
(2013-09-17, 14:12)gambiot Wrote: First great theme!

Second: I use xbmc for series and movies. Both for my and my whife and for our kids.

I have already creates "TV->Children series" "TV->"Series" as playlists+favorits and added them to the front menu in the settings.

Not to the problem. We watch walking dead, true blood and many series that have pretty bad pictures... So i really like to remove "TV->TV shows" and only have "TV->Children series" and "series".

Or even better: make a "Children" item in the menu and have "TV/Movies" under it.

Can i do this? if so where to look.


(2013-12-22, 21:17)mediaportaler Wrote: Very similar question here. I would like to remove the TV-section entirely. The skin files look very cascaded and I don't dare to fiddle with it...
Yes, this is possible. In the skins settings menu navigate to "Home menu" and toggle on/off any menu or menu item that you want. There are a couple of gotcha's to be aware of. If you are using the Horizontal style home menu and you either turn on Custom favourites for a menu that you have turned off, the menu will still appear (but not the main menu item that you turned off). For example, turn off "TV Shows from home menu" but assign Children's TV playlist to the TVShows Custom Favourites menu will still show the TV menu heading but not the TVShows submenu entry. This example is the use case in Chateau Wyrm. The children see a Children's Movies under the Movies Heading (but no Movies entry) and the same for TV (Children's TV but no TV Shows entry).

The other main gotcha at the moment is that sometime you can lose the focus on the submenu's. If you move as if there was a focused menu shown it should then return focus to the sub menus and then let you carry on as normal. Sorry this is an ongoing issue, which I hope will be resolved soon as I have rewritten the offending code and just need to sort out the fix to suit the new code.

As always go take a look thru the skins many settings menus as there is a mountain of customisations possible (that most people seem to not know about).

Wyrm (xTV-SAF)
If required a FULL debug log can now be submitted from the skin in settings->skin settings->support. Or follow instructions here if you can't access skin settings.

FAQ's located at :-
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