[WIP] Multi Slideshow Screensaver

I am working on a new (python based) Screensaver called "Multi Slideshow". It is not meant as a replacement to the "Slideshow" Screensaver because it has a different approach: Showing Multiple Pictures/Fanarts at once.

At the moment the add-on itself includes five complete unique looking modes:
  • TableDrop
    Should look like dropping images to a table as seen from above.
  • StarWars
    Good old star wars intro text effect Smile
  • RandomZoomIn
    I like fireworks...
  • AppleTVLike
    Effect of images flying through the screen from the bottom to the top, at different depth levels.
  • GridSwitch
    A grid of images, with random switching new images, one by one.

A video says more than words, so have a look to this YouTube Demo Video:

In reality (at least on my developer machine) it looks smoother than in this screen capture video. But I don't believe that all of them will work nice on slower hardware like the Raspberry Pi.

It is still work in progress, but I wanted to show you the current progress.

No need for PM again, feedback was good, all issues should be fixed.

Here is the full changelog:

0.1.0 (09.01.2014)
- added possibility to choose between fanart and thumbnail on movies and albums
- added possibility to start the slideshow as program plugin (press exit, back or stop to exit)
- possibly fix star wars effect race condition on slow machines
- ignore directories with leading dot (e.g. .git, .DS_Store)

0.0.2 (unreleased)
- fix script error with float wait time
- catch empty image folder
- allow recursive folder lookup
- added setting for disabling random image order
- fix fast image preload race condition
- allow more speed and concurrency in AppleTVLike
- added setting to disable random order on GridSwitch
- more precise wait time calculation
- fix short flashing of the next image in StarWarsScreensaver

0.0.1 (unreleased)
- initial version

Here is the download link (You need to download this .ZIP and install manually):
Download Version 0.1.0

Feedback, ideas, whatever welcome Wink

My GitHub. My Add-ons:

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