RetroPlayer and Rom Collection Browser
Hello there,
First of all, congrats on the great work with this addon.

I have tried this on one of the test builds that is posted in this forum. However, from your initial post I learned your addon only behaves differently (with retroplayer support) if running a pr or dev build.
Since I didn't see any of the features of the original post I reckon that the tests builds are seen as a "Standard" build.

Is that correct? and if so, is there an easy way to (re)configure like it would be running on the pr build?

I could be that I'm doing everything completely wrongh though, I'm kind of new with these things.

I was using the windows build and installed the addon from there (using the zip in the initial post).


[edit] I'm not sure what I was doing wrong earlier, but with the latest versions all of this works like a charm. It's amazing what you have pulled off here (together with the whole retroplayer support). I'll be anxiously awaiting the future progress of this project.
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