RetroPlayer and Rom Collection Browser
No sir,
I now have screwed up my xbmcbuntu install trying to get the zsnes audio to work over hdmi.. ah yes you know as the day passes by and the bucket of options is shrinking shit happens.
I want to try but what is the purpose?
It apears to be for openelec OR to be compiled. So if one sticks to xbmcbuntu what is the guideline then? remove the xbmc package and get the github version?

PS : xbmc package for ubuntu seemed to be maintained here :
Not sure what they need to add to the repository. Better contact them to have it added to xbmcbuntu.

EDIT : Gave OpenELEC_RetroPlayer-r7033319-Generic.x86_64-3.2.0.tar.bz2 a try => No audio over hdmi, no option to change output device to custom.
Furthermore it seems to work pretty nice already.
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