Way force-update all Album Art? (XBMC is not getting any)
I recently installed XBMC on my HTPC. I got my media streamimg over SFTP from my computer. Everything works fine except for the Music Album Artwork. In, the Music Settings, I set it to download media information when the library is updated, but it only downloads info for one or two albums (if any) when I update my library. I tried using the cdART plugin and did a "Automatic Album Artwork" download, and I could see it downloading every individual album (it took some time; 283 albums), but when I went back to the Music section, there was still only a little artwork.

I am using the Universal Album Scraper and am quite happy with it's results on the other computer where the album art is working. I really don't want to have to switch it.

Is it because I am using SFTP?

I know it's not the metadata or tags or name of my albums and artist because I have this working fine on another XBMC installation on another computer. I also don't want to have to manually do every single album (again, it's 280+).

Any help is appreciated! Big Grin

XBMC 12.2 (Frodo)
Ubuntu 13.04 32-bit
Samsung NP-N310 Netbook
XBMC Kodi is awesome!
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Way force-update all Album Art? (XBMC is not getting any) - by DaAwesomeP - 2013-10-13, 23:14

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Way force-update all Album Art? (XBMC is not getting any)51