Restarting emulators (Reset of hardware, or soft reset)

I recently installed XBMC with retroplayer, and so far everything has been working great. I played all the way through Super Metroid, and at the end of the game it's required that you reset the console to continue - snes9x is automatically making savestates, so it saved the game at my item completion screen. I haven't been able to find any method to reset the console (L + R + Select + Start does not do it). There doesn't seem to be a context menu or button I can use that will reset my active game. All of the information I can find for snes9x is for the non-retroplayer version of it.

I can just delete my savestate and start from scratch, but that's not ideal. Is there a keymapping or an XBMC function I can map to do this?

FWIW I am using a Dualshock 4 controller, with up/down/left/right/L/R/A/B/X/Y mapped. The game itself works great, I just can't reset it.


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Restarting emulators (Reset of hardware, or soft reset) - by Erowen - 2013-11-10, 19:02

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Restarting emulators (Reset of hardware, or soft reset)0
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