[RELEASE] NetfliXBMC - Unofficial Netflix Add-on (Win/OSX/Linux)
- Added notifications for geoblocking and login problems

(2013-11-27, 03:32)tigger86 Wrote: this is awesome!!! Big Grin waiting for a working netflix addon a long time!
im using win7 64bit and xmbc 12.2 with your control tool and its working perfectly. pausing, seeking and closing the netflix app by remote is working fine.
controlling the mouse for language and sub selection is also cool because i need it sometimes. Smile
Great! Smile Nice to hear...

(2013-11-27, 03:32)tigger86 Wrote: direct playback via xbmc would be even better but it sounds like it wont be possible in the near future.
i read something about html5. when its done this way, would it be possible to directly play the videos via xbmc instead of a browser?
I don't think it will change with html5. It then still would have DRM. But who knows...

(2013-11-27, 05:03)tigger86 Wrote: when playing via the library a message appears: couldnt find next entry or something like that. but playback is working fine!
Yes. I don't think i can change that. But i will try.

(2013-11-27, 08:08)sting2010 Wrote: excellent add-on - many thanks - can you add support for safari?
Safari has no parameter to start it in fullscreen mode. So you would have to manually do this with some kind of extension or script. Should I add it anyway?

(2013-11-27, 10:36)xcalibrate Wrote: Firstly, congrats on developing the plugin and a thank you for the time used to develop it. I used XBMCFlicks, which was a little problematic to set up but got there in the end before falling by the wayside. I was hoping that there would be another development in the pipeline, so my eyes lit up when I saw this.

Whilst it seems to work for others, it doesn't work for me. Nothing populates. All categories are empty. My netflix password and email are correct, single profile, chrome installed but nothing appears when selecting the categories. Only thing that may cause a problem is that I am in the UK and access the US version by using a subscription DNS. It worked fine with XBMCFlicks, works fine online and with tablets using iOS and Android. Maybe not in this instance.

That being said, it's nice to see the attempt being made to integrate Netflixs into XBMC.
When you don't have to setup a proxy (just the DNS) it should also be directly working in XBMC. But i don't know.
But maybe it's related to the mentioned cookie problem. I now added some notifications for geoblocking and login problems.
Try to delete the cookies via Settings->Advanced, make sure your login credentials are really correct and restart the addon. Does any message appears?

(2013-11-27, 16:58)JohnWayne1977 Wrote: Excellent Add-On.
But I had to make some changes to default.py in order to make it work, nothing was populating and I got "Could not Connect to network server".
I had to remove all references to "mpaaRating" from listVideos(url) (removed line 106 and 107 and removed "mpaa" from line 131 and 133).
Now Latest, HD only, TV Shows and Documentaries work.
Genres and "Just for Kids" are still empty.

In index() only Genres and "Just for Kids" use "listGenres", this leaves me to think that something in "listGenres" don't work outside the US.

I'm living in Norway.
Thanks for some feedback from norway! Smile
The missing mpaaRating should raise an indexOutOfRange error instead of this network error. Maybe it was just a coincidence. I changed the mpaa thing in v1.0.5.
Could you please send me the source code of this page via pm? I can then try to adjust listGenres() for you...

(2013-11-27, 18:03)mzup Wrote: I am having same issue as xcalibrate. I am running windows 7 32bit. My lists are not populating with the seasons or episodes. I am logged in correctly to netflix as it did ask which user is watching. It does show my list of tv shows I have selected. just nothing shows under each series. I also did a search for a show and that too did not show the episodes.
Does not sound like the same problem. Movies and TV-Shows (My List, Latest, HD only, ...) are showing up fine for you but when you select a tvshow, you see an empty list?
If so, please send me the souce code of this page via pm. I will then have a look at it.
And you have selected the "Browse TV-Shows instead of autoplaying" setting? Where are you living?

(2013-11-27, 18:21)bradwatson Wrote: This add on has great potential and looks great early on. I have noticed a few issues:
1. Netflix original series such as "Orange is the New Black" and "House of Cards" do not populate any episodes for me.
2. Cannot get the videos to add to my library. I am trying to add like a season of Breaking Bad. Would love to be able to add an entire series by just selecting and adding it.
3. "My List" shows nothing. I have plenty of items in my list through other Netflix apps.
4. When playing any video i get a popup message saying "Could not connect to network server", however, the video still plays just fine. Kinda weird issue.

That said, it's a tremendous start and has loads of potential. The thumbnail view looks awesome and professional for the "Latest" folder. Thanks for the awesome work!
1. Will have a look at it...
2. Have you added the source to your library (see first post)? When you open the folder manually, what is the content?
3. You are living in the US? Please send me the source code of this page via pm. I will then have a look at it.
4. Mmm, strange. A XBMC message? Or Chrome?

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