[RELEASE] NetfliXBMC - Unofficial Netflix Add-on (Win/OSX/Linux)
(2015-01-15, 17:42)spambus Wrote: @ AddonScriptorDE

I made a dutch translation for your addon, maybe you could add it in a future release?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?>
  <string id="30001">Volgende Pagina</string>
  <string id="30002">Mijn Lijst</string>
  <string id="30003">Nieuw</string>
  <string id="30005">Alle Series</string>
  <string id="30006">Documentaires</string>
  <string id="30007">Genres</string>
  <string id="30008">Zoeken</string>
  <string id="30009">Kinderen</string>
  <string id="30010">Onlangs Bekeken</string>
  <string id="30011">Films</string>
  <string id="30012">Series</string>
  <string id="30101">eMail</string>
  <string id="30102">Wachtwoord</string>
  <string id="30103">Enkel gebruikers account (sneller)</string>
  <string id="30104">Gebruik Browser</string>
  <string id="30105">OSX: Browser</string>
  <string id="30106">Linux: Browser</string>
  <string id="30107">Gebruik Control Utitlity</string>
  <string id="30108">Forceer Vertoning</string>
  <string id="30109">VertoningID (Video's)</string>
  <string id="30110">Switch profiel</string>
  <string id="30111">Meerdere profielen gevonden: Kies Profiel!</string>
  <string id="30113">Wie kijkt er?</string>
  <string id="30114">Aan mijn lijst toevoegen</string>
  <string id="30115">Verwijder uit mijn lijst</string>
  <string id="30116">Configureer Control Utitlity</string>
  <string id="30117">Toon profiel selectie bij elke start</string>
  <string id="30118">Serie seizoenen</string>
  <string id="30119">VertoningID (Afleveringen)</string>
  <string id="30120">Doorloop Series in plaats van automatisch afspelen</string>
  <string id="30121">Onafgebroken kijken</string>
  <string id="30122">Toevoegen aan bibliotheek</string>
  <string id="30123">Bibliotheek bijwerken na toevoegen media</string>
  <string id="30124">Verwijder chrome gebruikersdata</string>
  <string id="30125">Verwijder cookies</string>
  <string id="30126">Sorry! Netflix is nog niet beschikbaar in jouw land.</string>
  <string id="30127">Je bent niet ingelogged. Controleer je instellingen en/of herstart de addon!</string>
  <string id="30128">Taal/Land</string>
  <string id="30130">VertoningID (Kijk Activiteit)</string>
  <string id="30132">Verwijder cache</string>
  <string id="30133">Chrome: Kiosk modus niet gebruiken</string>
  <string id="30134">Trailers Afspelen</string>
  <string id="30135">Hoezen &amp; fanart afbeeldingen ophalen van TMDb</string>
  <string id="30137">Webremote beheer inschakelen</string>
  <string id="30138">Bibliotheek locatie (bron)</string>
  <string id="30139">Reset NetfliXBMC!</string>
  <string id="30140">Vergelijkbare Films</string>
  <string id="30141">Vergelijkbare Series</string>
  <string id="30142">Metadata laden</string>
  <string id="30143">Aanbevolen</string>
  <string id="30144">Aan mijn lijst toevoegen!</string>
  <string id="30145">Uit mijn lijst verwijderen!</string>
  <string id="30146">Geen resultaten gevonden!</string>
  <string id="30201">Account</string>
  <string id="30202">Algemeen</string>
  <string id="30203">Vertoningen</string>
  <string id="30204">Geavanceerd</string>
  <string id="30205">Debug Loggen</string>
  <string id="30206">Gebruik Browser Shell Script</string>
  <string id="30207">Windows Instellingen</string>
  <string id="30208">Linux Instellingen</string>
  <string id="30209">OSX Instellingen</string>
  <string id="30210">Browser Instellingen</string>
  <string id="30211">Reset</string>
  <string id="30212">Gebruik Chrome Control Plugin</string>
  <string id="30213">Open Plugin Instellingen</string>

For other dutch users, put this in "plugin.video.netflixbmc/resources/language/Dutch/strings.xml"


Thanks for the contribution, I've added it to my fork. ps. please post any future replies in new thread.

(2015-01-16, 21:31)Acid0057 Wrote: I know I should read through the thread and sorry for just asking. Does anybody have this working on a Raspberry Pi running RaspBMC?

I have your Repo installed on my Pi using RaspBMC running Kodi. I have the NetfliXMBC installed but haven't installed the Chrome Launcher. Sounds like we just need to get Chromium on to my Pi setup and it will work right?

Unfortunately no, raspberry pi doesn't work. You need chrome v37 or higher to support the widevine drm needed for netflix - this isn't available on pi.
ps. please post any future replies in new thread

(2015-01-21, 15:16)Tschili Wrote: Hi,

I have the plugin installed successfully.

If I add a series in my internal database I get a script error. The way I see he has a problem with the letter "üöä" and then aborts the script.

Can anyone help here?


Unicode fixes have been recently committed to my fork, and should be in a release soon. Make sure you're running on my repo if you want to try them.
ps. please post any future replies in new thread


New thread for this plugin: http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=211574


Please continue all discussions there.
alelec kodi repo, hosting my binary addons not eligible for the official repo .
netflix, sbs ondemand, webdriver etc.


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