"Best" Android Development Environment Versions (ubuntu, NDK, JDK, JRE, etc)
Hi all,

I want to setup an Android development environment to start trying to get our PVR addon (pvr.wmc) supporting Android, which is one of the most requested features from our user base. Nobody with XBMC android experience has come along our doorstep so I figured it's time to try and get things happening for myself!

Before I started, I just wanted to clarify the recomendations for dev environment, toolchain etc.

The README states the following info
We currently recommend Ubuntu Natty (11.04) or later. Current work has been
done here. Additionally, building from OSX Snow Leopard is working.

[NOTICE] Compiling XBMC for Android requires at least Android NDK
         Revision r8e. Android NDK Revision 7 and earlier do not work
         properly for our cause.

Make sure you have a recent JRE and JDK installed otherwise the
Android SDK will not work.

However given this information is from a while ago and there are now newer versions than those stated, Im not sure what the best approach is. It says "at least" ubuntu 11.04 or later, and "at least NDK r8e", which implies that it's totally fine to use newer versions... But on the NDK front I found a thread on here from a few months ago where someone was having a problem, and the devs said they should be using NDK r8e rather than NDK 9. So when the readme says "at least xxxx" but people run into problems and are directed back to older versions, it's hard to know what to start with.

For example regarding using a "recent" JRE and JDK version, is that recent in the context of the timeframe that ubuntu 11.04 was "current" or is that recent as in the very most recent release?

I want to start with the best setup and I have no other goals or requirements from this system than to develop/compile XBMC and the xbmc_pvr_addons project for Android, so Im not concerned about needing any other apps to run or certain hardware support or anything like that.

It would be great if someone could post the exact Ubuntu, NDK, JRE and JDK versions I should be using? Even if someone can just list the versions of everything they are using that is working/compiling OK, I will just copy that!

Many thanks! Smile
pvr.wmc TV addon and ServerWMC Backend Development Team

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