"Best" Android Development Environment Versions (ubuntu, NDK, JDK, JRE, etc)
Hey Memphiz,

Funnily enough it was actually you who stated "we recomend NDK r8e not 9" if you refer here ;P http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=170362
But like i say this is from a few months ago so it seems it's probably now OK to use NDK 9 and GCC 4.8

When you say you dont have any info on current jdk/jre/sdk versions so dont state anything about it... im still left confused as to what I should be getting!

I want to setup a brand new Ubuntu VM environment to do this development and I just want to know what exact versions of everything to grab. Perhaps you can tell me what you are currently using (which presumably works) and I will just use that! I am a windows developer, and really only play enough with some linux boxes, NAS and raspberry pi to be classified as "dangerous" lol Smile I also have rooted and played around with various android phones for years... but I am still just a bit green on the XBMC android development front. I can certainly follow instructions and wont come on here to ask for help until ive googled the heck out of my problem first etc, however I just can't find any instructions that tell me where to start. I am still stuck at the first step - what version of Ubuntu to get (eg do i go with the mentioned 11.04 eventhough it is several releases old or should i go for the most recent).

Can anyone post what versions of the following they are using successfully, and I will just follow suit!?

NDK (from above, V9 is confirmed)
GCC (from above, 4.8 is confirmed)

It would be pretty cool and infinitely more accessible to developers, if there was a downloadable virtual machine that was already setup as an XBMC android build box! If I manage to get something working I will certainly try and figure out how to create an image/OVF and share it for others!
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"Best" Android Development Environment Versions (ubuntu, NDK, JDK, JRE, etc)0
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