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From Subtitles add-on to subtitles service. The no-trouble How-to.
So, you just installed or upgraded your XBMC installation to the latest nightly and now can’t get the Subtitles downloader to work, right? Don’t worry. You didn't lose your touch. It has simply evolved and the process to get it working has changed slightly.

Sit tight and read this quick how-to to know, well that, “How-to”.

From XBMC 13alpha10 (builds from Dec, 2 2013 and after) the subtitles downloading add-on has been inserted in the core of XBMC as a service. This means that you no longer have to manually install the XBMC Subtitles Add-on.

Instead you have to configure the appropriate options in the Settings menu.

To start, just after installing XBMC, go to System->Video->Subtitles. As you can see there is a new bunch of stuff there.

IMPORTANT: You have to use a pretty up-to-date skin or the new options won’t be implemented yet. To be safe work with confluence until you do this one-time setup.
IMPORTANT 2: In order for the Subtitles options to appear you have to select, at least, Standard Settings Level (the latest option in the left menu, near the bottom). They won’t appear in Basic mode.
[Image: NS1.jpg]
Once all that is out of the way this is what you should get:
[Image: NS2.jpg]
If you don’t see this options, or not all of them (in one install I was missing the "Default TV/Movie Service" option), then you are using an old build and it won’t work.

The marked part is the subtitles download related stuff. There you must:
  • Select the languages you want to get when searching for subtitles. For the time being there is no way of selecting order (or main language for that matter) so the search results will be shown in whatever order your service of choice (we’ll come to that) decides it fits.[EDIT]Already implemented.
  • Select default Service for TV Episodes and Movies. Here you can also download additional subtitle services:
[Image: NS3.jpg]

And that should be it. Some things you should probably know:
  • There is no option for “manual search” in this version. We know you want it but for the time being it is what it is.[EDIT] Already implemented.
  • Each subtitles module might have additional settings (for example you have options to enter your login info in podnapisi). To change this you have to go to each service options through System->Add-ons->Enabled Add-ons->Subtitles and there pick your service and select Configure:
[Image: NS4.jpg]
For the time being there are only a bunch of services ported to this new paradigm so you’ll probably have to wait a while for your favorite service to get ported. Please be patient.

Oh, and one more thing. Please, spare us the crying babies parade of service petition. We know everybody has it's own personal favorite service without which they can't live. But my answer there always will be the same: If you want a specific service on, do it yourself or go find someone to do it for you. We don't create services on command.
Always read the XBMC Online Manual,Frequently Asked Questions and search the forum before posting.
For troubleshooting and bug reporting use -> Log file.

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