[HOW TO] KODI Linux on Amlogic TV Boxes
Onto it AuxBox and will install and test later on my spare 1200 and 520 boxes. Don't think I can test for true 1080 though as have not got that testing graphics file at the moment and cannot find the link to it without a long laborious search through this thread and no time for that right now.

To be honest I never found the upscaling issue much of a problem as from normal sitting distances on my 46" screen I find it difficult to see the difference anyway between 720 and true 1080 res. Sure bigger screens or sitting closer may result in being able to discern the difference but that does not apply to most of us at this time I reckon. This is why I have no interest in 4k Ultra HD as to discern that extra res then I reckon you need a 65" screen as a minimum or be sitting very very close to the screen. Only purpose of 4K to me is that we can then have passive 3D without the current poor visible 540 lines resolution it gives and that will be magic as so much brighter and vivid and effective than Active 3D.

Of course the move to OLED will be a huge improvement in picture quality but as yet those TVs are very very expensive and beyond most folks budget.

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[HOW TO] KODI Linux on Amlogic TV Boxes5
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