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Video of my ambient lighting setup
(2014-02-28, 16:53)iainmacleod Wrote: Why not just buy a lightpack?

Lightpack: 10 LED modules in groups of 3 = 30 LED's at $120. Each group of three shows the same color. For my 60" TV I would need 2 = $240 and only 60 LED's.
The DIY way: 150 individually addressable LED's at $100 less.

Lightpack 10 (or in my case 20) wires running all over the back of the tv.
DIY with LED strip: one connection at each end (which ends up being in the same location - either at the pedestal or at a corner.

The fun, learning and satisfaction of building something yourself.

Edit: I stand corrected - the wires go to two modules so it would be 5 or 10. Thanks LazerBlue.

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Video of my ambient lighting setup0