OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
I still haven't worked out how to format my USB stick from vfat to ext4 (parted says "partition cannot exist outside of" something) so I'm still running from SD and I can't seem to get the time correct now.

Previously I had to put

<country>UK (24h)</country>
<timezonecountry>Britain (UK)</timezonecountry>

in guisettings.xml and then it worked. In fact, the only thing that's blank is <timezone> but if I put it in and reboot, it's blank again and so the time is still wrong. I tried putting the locale section in advancedsettings.xml as well, just because that's what I'd done first on the other RPi so I thought perhaps it needed to be in both but it still doesn't work.

In XBMC, under Settings - Appearance - International, in Expert Mode, Timezone is greyed out so can't be set. In fact, right now International is completely blank and doesn't show anything, so maybe that's connected to editing guisettings.xml. I'll see after a reboot.

EDIT: Nope, even after rebooting International is still completely blank now!

OK, after removing the locale section from advancedsettings, it's restored International to normal. It actually shows "Europe/London" on the greyed out Timezone line now and it has been retained in guisettings but the time is still an hour behind.

EDIT2: OK, it's showing the right time now. Not sure what fixed it, maybe powering off and rebooting a bit later.

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