OpenELEC Testbuilds for RaspberryPi Part 2
(2013-09-03, 18:49)popcornmix Wrote: The problem is that it's not just iPlayer. xbmc perhaps supports 1000 streaming sources.
Maybe 100 have normalised volume like iPlayer and should be played at -30dB.
Maybe 200 have fairly loud audio and should be played at -20dB.
Maybe 400 have normal volume and should be played at -10dB.
Maybe 300 have quiet volume and should be played at 0dB.

And some sites will have a collection of videos at different amplitude levels.
It's not just something I can create 3 rules that fit your current use cases and expect that to work for everyone.

Feel free to open a trac ticket or start a general xbmc request for per source volume settings.
It's not something I will support if it's not a part of core xbmc.

OK, so maybe covering streaming might be a problem (I've only used iPlayer and Youtube as every other plugin I've tried has either not worked at all or been ridiculously complicated to try and get anything to play so I don't know how many of those 1000 streaming sources are actually usable or used much, on the RPi at least, maybe they work better on the PC).

I wasn't suggesting that you cover them yourself anyway, more that there should be a setting that the plugin authors can set in the plugin that adjusts the volume to suit the source. That wouldn't help with sites with videos with wildly varying levels of course but as I said, we can't expect to make everything perfect, although thinking about it those sites could have a setting in the plugin that says "Always use DRC/normalisation" to keep the levels under control.

Anyway, forgetting about streaming, which tends to have poor quality audio anyway, it would be nice to at least get the Movies/Videos/TV and Music sections all around the same volume, with optional DRC/normalisation which can be set separately for those two groups, or even additionally giving TV it's own setting, as people might want it on that to control the advert volume but not on Movies.

I'll post a request as you suggest although I doubt anything will happen as I've posted them before and mostly they just get ignored or dismissed.

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