Openelec RPi v3.95.1 bug thread?
(2014-03-17, 13:18)popcornmix Wrote:
(2014-03-17, 05:05)spookybathtub Wrote:
(2014-03-16, 13:22)popcornmix Wrote: You should set gpu_mem=128. 100 is too low for gotham.
I'm curious, what symptoms have you found with less than 128MB? I'm thinking of using 64MB on my Pi, running both OpenElec and Subsonic, because Subsonic eats a lot of RAM. Do you think it would be okay if I never play videos? Music only.

1080p playback (especially when many reference frame or when deinterlace is enabled and sub/osd present can require more than 100MB).
Where 100/156 was already acceptable on a 256MB RPi, 128/128 didn't hurt but I didn't notice a significant improvement either (it's just 28MB more though). While I assume you don't want to go higher than 128MB on a 256MB RPi to leave some CPU mem, what would be the recommended amount of GPU mem on a 512MB RPi for Gotham? I can imagine going too high would be a waste of the possible additional CPU mem again. Note that I got a 512MB RPi now and I disabled background fan art so it's basically just for playback.

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