NFS issues continue with Gotham beta 2
I'm on a different computer at the moment, so I won't be able to post a debug log until later on.

I'd been having an odd issue with art since Gotham Beta 2 (and the nightly as of two days ago) where no *new* artwork would show up. This includes posters, fanart, and thumbnails. I wasn't able to find any bug reports for that exact issue, but did find several about NFS issues if used from the windows client -- and all of my media is, guess what, served via NFS from a linux home server, and my HTPC is windows based. I saw some mention that other NFS issues were resolved in nightlies newer then beta 2, so I gave that a shot -- no dice. Again, the only things missing were from new media -- things already in Thumbnails (I presume thats the reason) showed fine.

What I did was open up the Gotham beta 1 installer (since it was the last version where I didn't have any issues) in an archival program (7-zip), extracted the libnfs.dll from it, and dropped it over the existing one in the install directory. Started XBMC again, and like magic -- it all worked fine again.
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NFS issues continue with Gotham beta 2 - by garretn - 2014-03-25, 21:54

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