[Project] Dual Audio Output support (Krypton/Jarvis/Isengard/Helix/Gotham/Frodo)
Ever since Windows 7, and other modern operating systems, this functionality was much sought after. If you search for dual audio, you will notice many countless posts about people struggling with this functionality. I always believed it was intentional on part of audio programmers for various operating systems, let's go with Microsoft (DirectSound) to limit this functionality for the common everyday user. This meant you can have audio coming from 1 output at a time. The real reason for this was copy protection of digital content. But Microsoft would never admit this to the consumers who wanted this functionality to set up multi-zone audio systems. If you were using realtek for playing back your audio, you probably found out that you could only have 1 output at a time. Your analog or your digital but not both. Then there was a realtek audio patch that allowed both outputs to function together. I was able to send a digital stream to a AVR, and 2channel to analog using this. You could do this with certain SoundBlaster and Asus cards as well if the driver allowed it.
When I asked about why this was not working in XBMC, a few "experts" and "developers" came along on the forums telling us that it was not possible and would never be done due to the way AudioEngine worked.
Looks like this patch proved them wrong. I wonder where those guys are now. I remember one of them claiming to be a developer who helped develop the AudioEngine. To the creator of this patch, I say thank you. You proved those guys wrong. It seems you know your stuff. How is it that those "expert AudioEngine developers" failed to include this Multi-zone capability as standard. What you have done here for everyone is absolutely a great gift. This functionality cannot even be found in paid software. Kudos to you, and shame on those AudioEngine delevopers with their arrogant posts and remarks in the past about why this was fully impossible. They could learn a thing or two from you on how to code their "AudioEngine". Looks like they must have drank Microsoft and Sony combo Kool-Aid because XHBL just did what these arrogant idiots could not. XBMC is great, but some of these forum trolls posting as developers, well, you guys should stick to posting what cannot be done, and let XHBL design your sound system because he just took Microsoft and their operating system back to school. Thank you XHBL.

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[Project] Dual Audio Output support (Krypton/Jarvis/Isengard/Helix/Gotham/Frodo)9
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