Linux ChromeBox Kodi E-Z Setup Script (LibreELEC/Linux+Kodi) [2017/02/21]
Excellent work Matt!!! This almost sounds too easy Cool

(2014-05-07, 19:48)Matt Devo Wrote: ----------------------------------------------------------------
Create bootable USB/SD copy of ChromeOS

This option will copy the existing copy of ChromeOS onto a USB/SD disk, which is useful if you are planning on installing OpenELEC (or Ubuntu) in standalone mode, which will erase the copy of ChromeOS on the internal HDD. A 16GB USB 3.0 drive is ideal here. Once created, it can be booted by pressing [CTRL-U] at the developer boot screen.

The only reason for the this is to revert back to a default ChromeOS. It might be useful if there was a image available for download, it would save people an extra step.

Once a stand-alone OpenELEC has been installed, is there a way this can be booted from a IR remote or something simular. Since there isn't a CIR I'm guessing you would need something like a Flirc.

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