Linux ChromeBox Kodi E-Z Setup Script (LibreELEC/Linux+Kodi) [2017/02/21]
(2014-05-09, 22:16)YellowDog Wrote: Excellent work Matt!!! This almost sounds too easy Cool

(2014-05-07, 19:48)Matt Devo Wrote: ----------------------------------------------------------------
Create bootable USB/SD copy of ChromeOS

This option will copy the existing copy of ChromeOS onto a USB/SD disk, which is useful if you are planning on installing OpenELEC (or Ubuntu) in standalone mode, which will erase the copy of ChromeOS on the internal HDD. A 16GB USB 3.0 drive is ideal here. Once created, it can be booted by pressing [CTRL-U] at the developer boot screen.

The only reason for the this is to revert back to a default ChromeOS. It might be useful if there was a image available for download, it would save people an extra step.

No, not at all. If you want to revert to ChromeOS, then use Google's recovery image as outlined in the Factory Reset section of the wiki. This allows you to boot into a fully functional ChromeOS via USB without touching the internal HDD. So you can change the boot options, update the firmware, etc.

Quote:Once a stand-alone OpenELEC has been installed, is there a way this can be booted from a IR remote or something simular. Since there isn't a CIR I'm guessing you would need something like a Flirc.

I'm not very familiar with FLIRC, but anything which acts as a wireless keyboard and can send [CTRL-U] at the dev boot screen would allow one to boot to the USB copy of ChromeOS.

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