multichannel wav/ flac -> no passthrough possible?!
(2014-05-22, 09:35)MrNice Wrote: However, Mediainfo says:
FLAC Free Lossless Audio Codec
4mn 55s Variable 4 312 Kbps
6 channels Front: L C R, Back: L R, LFE
96.0 KHz 24 bits
152 MiB (99%)
libFLAC 1.2.1 (UTC 2007-09-17)
DTS Digital Theater Systems
14 Little 1
4mn 55s
Constant 1 411.2 Kbps
6 channels Front: L C R, Side: L R
44.1 KHz 24 bits
49.7 MiB (100%)

OK, you're talking about two different versions of the same file:

The first chunk of mediainfo output corresponds to the "FLAC 5.1 Surround Files" -> "In Fields of Green I Met Her" (BWCTYT) (96 kHz/24-bit/5.0) which doesn't have any DTS component, it's only PCM so when this is played by XBMC I get multi-channel PCM output and displayed by the amp, which is totally correct.

The second chunk is the "DTS 5.1 Surround Files" version of the same file which is DTS stored as a WAV. When I play this file on x86 OE, I get DTS shown on my amp, and output by my amp. Again, this is correct.

(2014-05-22, 09:35)MrNice Wrote: I don't agree/understand: If OE is able to passthrough WAV encoded DTS, my AVR should decode DTS and display DST (not PCM as it does)

My guess is that XBMC plays the WAV file as a plain WAV, passing the bit-perfect bitstream through to the amp and doesn't actually know it's playing a DTS file. However the amp "sees" (or should see) DTS audio data and decode it as DTS (in my case, anyway).

If your amp is outputting/displaying PCM here instead of DTS, then I can't explain that as my amp shows DTS. Are you actually hearing the correct DTS audio, or white noise? Could it just be an amp display issue? Encapsulating DTS as WAV is a bit of a hack after all.

Edit: I just re-tested the Pi (Helix) with the DTS WAV files and they also now appear as PCM on my amp (play fine though), so there /is/ a difference between Pi (paplayer, Helix build) and x86 (paplayer, Gotham build). It seems only minor though, as the audio sounded the same.

An AC3 (Dolby Digital) WAV file appears and plays as Dolby Digital though on both Pi and x86.

(2014-05-22, 10:51)Bluebuster83 Wrote:
Quote:I've uploaded a small sample audio file (6MB on Dropbox) here that you can test - you should hear matches being struck from each speaker in turn (Front Left -> Front Right -> Rear Left -> Rear Right -> Centre).

With my Pi (openelec4.0.2) just white noise...

Using paplayer? And you had DTS passthrough enabled (refer to my audio settings in post #18)?

I am using a Helix build on Pi however, but would be a little surprised if that is the reason as official x86 4.0.2 OE plays without a problem.
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