Linux Minix Neo X8-H review

(2014-06-01, 03:01)FishOil Wrote: Android based? Best XBMC ever? Not a snowball chance in hell.

i'v got the minix x8-h for all most 5 month with XBMC 13.3 GOTHAM, AEON NOX GOTHAM skin(with XBMC launcher )
which is a "heavy skin" with all the prime add on's - xbmctorrent, cu lrc lyrics, gomovies, gotv, genesis,tune radio, pvr, big audio library (150 giga) with fanart,cdart lyrics folder, music playlists, big video library (most of it 1080p), artworks all widgets is on, subtitles, scrapers, and tons of other stuff.
1080p video output
the user data folder is about 2.5 giga

all this..... and 1 word: flawlessly

and to be honest , i don't really care about "not having a 1080p 24 kernel" or 10 bit /8 bit or whatever ,
and it's beyond expectation with minix.NO movie ever stop and crush. the video is nice and smoove. NO jittering.
i use my minix only as media center and nothing else with "XBMC Launcher " and the basic app that comes with the rom. i use HP ProLiant MicroServer Generation 8 as my nas.i changed the jumper inside minix box so it would work when ever he recognize power, so if theres a electrical blackout, the minute the power is back so MINX. actually it is 24/7
i also use my minix as my music distributor which connected to a "2 zone" Yamaha RX-V673 - NO TrueHD.
if i'm sitting in the backyard where the zone 2 of the avr is, i use "XBMC Remote" app in my smart phone to stream the music (there are tons of remote app for XBMC in the market and app store)
when i'm in the living room (where my tv is) i just use the tv remote to control XBMC (with "cec" option in the minix setting)
and what can i tell you -life is good !
what else can you ask from 150 $ device?
the overall experience is pretty damn good .maybe not the best hardware, but more than enough for XBMC with the hardest setting that i can find.
that's it folks, i state my case....i... my way ...bla bla bla ...

(2014-06-20, 14:35)hdmkv Wrote: Do you use hd audio? Is it bitstreaming (passing through) ? What about 3D. Does it play MVC MKV and ISO's via XBMC in full (frame-packed) 3D? Thanks.

it play mkv very well and also 3d.
TrueHD and DTS-MA- no, which is fine by me, dolby digital and dts is more than enough for me!
(how many of you and all XBMC users have AVR with TrueHD?...? give me a break)
(Avatar 3D SBS [BluRay 1080p][DTS-AC3 5.1 Castellano_DTS English + Subs. Español][2009])-which is mkv file - no problem what so ever


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