[OLD] PseudoLibrary - Strm Generator w/ Library Integration: AMAZON/HULU/NETFLIX

PseudoTV Live and PseudoLibrary are two independent plugins from one another! This is an independent strm generator!

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What Does it Do?
  • PseudoLibrary generates strm and nfo files from XBMC Plugins, UPNP Sources and Youtube.
    Strms can be added to your library or run independently.

    Sources have to be manually configured, but a gui is coming soon...
    There will also be an option to build strm's from a "Community List" of recommended configurations.

    This release is an early beta, report bugs with debug logs and your configuration.

    configuration scheme will be similar to building "Direct Plugin" channels in PseudoTV Live

    Like MyLibrary, There will be four main media types "Movie, TVShow, Generic, Music"

    This plugin while Poswerful, doesn't include the advanced regex like Mylibrary features. If you tell PseudoLibrary (PL) to parse a folder, ATM you have no control of duration filtering, etc. Those features are pending. There is an Exclusion list to filter unwanted files and directories. But otherwise it's a simplified versions of Mylibrary.

    Scheduling Service will run strm generator automatically, or you can manually trigger by running the plugin.

Options & Configuration:

Plugin Options:
  • Automatic Update - Update Strm's every x hours, Option to disable during playback.

    Create NFO's - Generate matching nfo's for each strm, If TVshow generate additional Series "Tvshow.nfo"

    Strm Folder - Where to generate Strm's, Depending on your configurations Media will be place in one of these folders (Generic/Movie/TVshow/Music/Youtube).

    Community List - Generate Strm's from the same Community list available to PseudoTV Live.

  • In "userdata\addon_data\script.pseudo.library" folder you will find settings2.xml, enter configurations using any text editor.

Configurations explained:
  • "Generic" - Any media that isn't or does not conform to tvshow/movie naming conventions .

    "TVShows" - Media that is properly formatted, and lists multiple shows divided into there own folders or is one folder with multiple files from different shows. Examples Below!

    "Episodes" - Alternative to TVShows, helps organize folders that contain one show title. Examples Below!

    "Movies" - Media that is properly formatted, and lists multiple shows divided into there own folders or is one folder with multiple files from different shows. Examples Below!

    "Music" - Music media that is in a artist - title format.
  • Syntax example:

    Genre|Type|Source/Path|Exclusion,Exclusion|limit|1|Folder Name

    Genre - Choice of : "Generic", "Music","TVShows", "Movies" and "Episodes" (Use "TVShow" when using a folder that has multiple show folders in it. "Episode" when the folder is for one show).

    Type - Choice depends on "Source" for example, "Plugin" refers to "Plugin://" paths. Other examples include "Playon" and "UPNP" for "UPNP://" paths and "Youtube" for channels or playlists.

    Source/Path - Source appears typically as the same name of the install folder, but may vary. You can verify the source name by opening the plugins addon.xml. Look for "<addon id="plugin.name"/>.
    The Path is exactly what is seen while navigating the plugins menu. You can access the root by leaving the path blank, if the plugin uses Bold or Colors leave those strings absent unless the strms aren't found then add them.

    Exclusion - Exclusion list, Either folders or files you do not want included. Separate names with a ",".

    Limit - Limit has to have a value, either high or low... its up to you, but it will take extra time to parse larger limit values.

    Switch - Currently only controls Youtube options, "1" = Channel/User, "2" = Playlists, "3" = MultiTube (Channels/Users Only!). For all Non-Youtube options leave value "1"

    Folder Name - Name of the final folder the Strm's will be placed in, Its recommended for you leave the Folder Name Blank "" this will put TV/movies into folders matching the "Title" of the media. Otherwise you can override that name using this field.

Configuration examples:

  • Plugin Examples:

    Movies|Plugin|plugin.video.sega/Movies/Most Popular|""|25|1|""
    TVShows|Plugin|plugin.video.sega/TV Shows/Most Popular|""|25|1|""
    TVShows|Plugin|plugin.video.sega/Latest Episodes|""|25|1|""
    Episodes|Plugin|plugin.video.sega/TV Shows/Genres/Action/Vikings|""|25|1|""
    Generic|Plugin|plugin.video.g4tv/Most Recent|""|25|1|""
    Generic|Plugin|plugin.video.retrowaretv/Recent videos|""|25|1|""
    Music|Plugin|plugin.video.youtube.billboard/Hot 100|- Play all,- Play all (randomly)|25|1|""

    Playon Examples:

    Movies|Playon|Amazon Instant Video/Prime Watchlist/Movies|""|100|1|""
    TVShows|Playon|Amazon Instant Video/Prime Watchlist/TV Shows|""|100|1|""
    Movies|Playon|Hulu/Popular/Popular Feature Films|""|100|1|""
    Movies|Playon|Hulu/Recently Added/Recently Added Feature Films|""|100|1|""
    TVShows|Playon|Hulu/Your Subscriptions|""|100|1|""
    Movies|Playon|Netflix/Recently Added|""|100|1|""
    TVShows|Playon|Netflix/My List|""|100|1|""

    For Playon to work you will need to create a XBMC Video Source titled "PlayOn"
    Add new source, navigate to upnp sources and select playon... it should appear as a source upnp://09324908320948230948320498.
    Title it "PlayOn" <- Name is important! without PL will not know what source is actually playon.

    Youtube Examples:

    Episodes|Youtube|PLT52XzVRtPAnFa7-RDICbbURdeuXtUvi0|""|100|2|Tales From The Crypt

    PseudoLibrary will use either Bromix's Alpha Youtube or the Official Youtube plugin (Which ever is installed, if both Bromix's Alpha takes priority).

"Donations for this addon gratefully accepted."

Special thanks to:
  • Code:
    bradvido88, angrycamel, spoyser, lambda
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