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Win PseudoTV Live Manager for Windows
(2014-10-18, 14:52)peppy6582 Wrote:
(2014-10-18, 12:02)Rastan Wrote: Great work guys! I just have one question, is there any way to run 2 instances of PseudoTV Live Manager on the same computer? On my setup I edit the upstairs and downstairs XBMC/PTVL files side by side when using the original manager as there was no installer.

If you are on Windows 8, you could try looking in C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files (x86)\PTVL\PseudoTVLive Manager and move or backup the original settings.txt file, to another location. When there is no settings.txt file in that location, it will allow you to make another one. Then just swap the settings file when you want to work on a different instance.

Don't know how many users do it like you do, but I might be willing to add something where you could swap between standalone instances. You guys let me know if that is something you want me to try to add.

Thanks for the reply Peppy. I really wanted to work on them both at the same time as when I do changes it can get hard to remember channel numbers then what I tweaked. It can get tricky when editing multiple channels in one sitting. It would be much easier if I could switch between instances or ideally have 2 manager windows open at the same time. But I'll understand if it is not implemented if nobody else wants/needs it. In the meantime I'll just have to write it down Wink

Again thanks for the excellent work! Blush


I forgot to ask. I have a feature request that I think would be useful. I always wanted a way to re-arrange the channels easier. What I propose is a way when on the "TV Guide" tab you could simply drag the channel to a new location order on the list. Or right click on a channel number and have move up or down. Right now it is very long winded moving channels and more so when there are advanced settings such as interleaving, channel scheduling etc attached to the channel in question. I'm not sure how hard it would be to implement or if indeed possible. But it would be cool if it was.
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