Bug KODI is too slow on huge lists of songs Part II
Already noticed a delay in my smaller library of about 5000 Songs. The delay is about 5 seconds on my Intel nuc4i3. Really annoying and I can imagine that it gets unusable when having a way larger library.

But that is also an issue in how he and I use the library. Because when you use views with fewer music files it works without problem. Like only viewing songs of a single artist and clicking on play. This is because only the songs of that view are added to playlist, so the OnAdd ist also called a few times.
So if you use it this way you can still use a large library.

The problem exists only when I want to have (shuffled) playback of my whole music library. Unfortunally this is how I use the library most of the time Tongue :S

Also when I'm already in the playback of all those songs and select another song from the view to play the whole playlist is recreated. Maybe the music player could just jump to the song in the playlist when selecting a song from same view of which the playlist was created once. So this delay would at least only occur once.
Of course it doesn't fix the root of the problem.
But it would already help a little bit, and could probably done within a minor version.

With a major version the event could be altered, which would then break the JSON RPC api once. This should be OK for a major version or not?
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