Bug Rendering UNICODE in XBMC/KODI Incorrectly
there is an Unicode rendering bug in KODI.

I have tried to change Appearance->International->Language to Tamil (India)
I have seen no text in there. (because no unicode text available in Roboto-Bold.ttf and Roboto-Reguler.ttf)

then I have change Skin->Fonts to Arial Based. Texts are showing boxes (because no unicode text available in Arial Font)

then I have replaced default font to Latha font which is default unicode font in Windows PC.

Then I got this

Most of the fonts are rendering incorrectly. It has to be in red text which I typed in above picture.

I think there is a problem with text engine. It doesn't display correctly with Unicode characters.
For Tamil Language some texts are like this
கோர்ப்பு பட்டியல் -> ே+க+ா+ர+ஂ+ப+ஂ+பு ப+ட+ஂ++டி+ய+ல+ஂ

but it doesn't display correctly..
Please some genius help me..
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Rendering UNICODE in XBMC/KODI Incorrectly - by Cyberrule - 2015-02-02, 17:05

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