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(2015-11-01, 01:17)R3N3 Wrote: http://www.filedropper.com/showdownload.php/log_2
where a Debug Log is?

(2015-11-01, 18:20)i0zjh02 Wrote: I noticed that the "Picture Slideshow" and "Multi Slideshow" screensave addons dont work with the DX11 based versions of Kodi (15.2 or Alpha 16.0). They just give a blank screen instead of the pictures. Is this something that needs to be fixed in Kodi or in the Addons??
Both of them are python based addons and should works as expected. If the doesn't work it's a not DX related issue. In any case I'll check whats wrong.

(2015-11-04, 14:25)willemd Wrote: Another question concerning screensavers:
On my Windows 8.1 HTPC, the general Windows screensaver gets activated after some inactivity instead of the Kodi screensaver. Is this normal behaviour?

(Because the slideshow screensavers don't work, I have set the Kodi screensaver to Dim. With Isengard the Windows screensaver never activated, instead the Kodi screensaver would start.)

Also, after I press a key to return to the Kodi screen, Kodi crashes. I'll try and make a debug log later tonight.

I'm not sure this should be in the DX11 thread, but somehow I suspect it's involved so I posted it here.
Activating system screensaver is normal behavior.Just disable system screensaver.
Did you make a Debug Log?

(2015-11-07, 05:12)sialivi Wrote: Ever since upgrading from the latest stable build to Jarvis alpha 4 I've been getting crashes related to the following error: DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED

I'm using Windows 10, and the latest WHQL nvidia drivers.

Debug log: http://www.xbmclogs.com/pafssaaii

I noticed there's a ticket on trac about this error in connection with dvd playback, but I'm having this problem with other content as well, including but not limited to blu-ray remux and content downloaded from Youtube.
Please upload your Debug Log again to pastebin.com. Your link was expired. Also please describe steps to reproduce an issue.

(2015-11-10, 10:41)mikesilvo164 Wrote: I have a random collection of debug logs as well as dmp and stacktrace files from recent Jarvis nightlies including 20151108-6c008a3. I have no idea if all are related to DX 11 but I believe at least some are. Maybe they can help or they can be passed along to anyone who may find them useful.

Not really much to describe as a crash can happen browsing the library or rewinding and pressing play or after being paused for a little bit and continuing playback, in other words pretty random so I cannot be more specific. Some of the logs also contain the error mentioned in the post above.

Link to the logs
Thanks. I'll take a look when I have time enough.
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